NCAA Coach Turner Gill
Turner Gill finished his playing career in Nebraska with a 28-2 record in his three years as a starter, winning three consecutive outright Big Eight championships with a perfect 20-0 mark in conference play. During his senior season, Turner would call the signals for one of the most prolific offenses in college football history, averaging 52 points and 401 rushing yards per game.
University of Buffalo Recruiting visit
GRP went down to UB with one of our prospects to check it out. We brought our camcorder to record it for you. Listen to how the recruiting process works, what your scholarship includes, and how they help you stay focused on Academics, while becoming the best player you can be. This video features almost the entire UB Football department, including the Athletic Director! You will definitely learn a little about how it all works! One click will take you there!
The Russ Hoff Coaches Invitational H.S. Scrimmage
With teams coming from London, Barrie, Toronto and more, the Ross Hoff Scrimmage is one to attend. A great opportunity to grow your team and tune up for the upcoming high school season. Despite the steady rain, the environment was electric. Big hits, trick plays, and a lot of grind were the stories of the day. It was a good preview to the 2012 season! Are you ready for some football? (pictures of team MVP's to follow)
Posted on 2012-09-17
Should I send my kid to a prep school?
This is a story by CBC on the youth basketball and the traps that can get Canadian parents and kids in trouble. Eligibility issues, false promises, and a lack of education. Players and parents from Canada need to realize that you don't have to go south to get a scholarship to an NCAA school. If you do decide to attend or send your child to a prep or private school in the U.S, you need to be vigilant and do not trust someone you don't know. GRP can help you with strategies for gaining exposure while staying in Canada. Check out this story on basketball. It mirrors the football world.
Posted on 2012-09-02
Tevaun Smith: How did I do it?
Q: What did you do that separated you from the players that didn't get a scholarship? What kind of sacrifices did you have to make? A; I think the big thing was just hard work and a lot of sacrifice. Going to the gym everyday, cutting down time with friends and focusing on what i needed to do which was a find a home in the ncaa. Going away from home to a prep school was a little sacrifice but I was able to adjust. Q: Did anyone support you or help you achieve your goals? Or were you self driven? A: I had a lot of people supporting me. Friend, family and a few close coaches that were mentors for many years. I was always self driven but with the people that support me just it to another level. Its became more than just a want, its a need. Q: How much money do you/you're parents think you spent on camps and training to get you where you are today? A: My parents probably payed almost $2000-$3000 towards camps and maybe about $1000-$2000 worth of training while I was in high school. They did whatever they could to make me happy. About a $3000 investment to get a full scholarship which was definitely worth it.
Posted on 2012-04-13
Akeel Lynch: How did I make it to the NCAA?
Q: What did you do that separated you from the players that didn't get a scholarship? What kind of sacrifices did you have to make? The decision to go to prep school .. focusing on football .. going to camps, learning from the camps , bringing the drills back home .. i sacrificed going out with my friends, Q:How much time do you think you spent in the gym and doing drills? i wouldnt be able to count ... during the summer .. 6/7 days on my own , with Tevaun So personal motivation and setting goals was a big part of your success? Yes, like anything in life, setting goals was a must. I always had them in sight as motivation. Q:How much money do you think your mom had to spend on camps and training to get you where you needed to be? $5,000 plus
Posted on 2012-04-12
Posting your highlight tape to your GRP profile
Are you having trouble posting your highlight tape on your GRP profile? This is a brief tutorial on how to do it. Take advantage of your online profile by posting as much information as possible including your highlight tape! Check it out!
Posted on 2012-03-30
Brandon Bridge answers a forum question
Question: Nice freshman season Brandon. How did you adapt so fast to the U.S. game last year? Answer: When u know the game of football so well it doesn't matter if there's 11 or 12 men on the field. You gotta still break down film the same way. So for me, adapting wasn't difficult at all. I had also attended many camps and combines in the U.S. It made it a lot easier.
Posted on 2012-03-29
Congrats to Eli Ankou
After attending GRP events and working closely with Gridiron Academy's Victor Tedondo, Ankou was recruited by UCLA, Vanderbilt and Virginia. He eventually made a verbal commitment to sign with UCLA and subsequently transferred to Red Lion Christian Academy in Bear, Delware in September. Today Eli officially signed with UCLA. Congrats to Eli!!! GRP is proud of you!
Posted on 2012-02-01
GRP Alumni Tevaun Smith Signs with Iowa Hawkeyes!
Tevaun Smith was one of GRP's first finds as a Junior. He had sweet footwork and ran routes like a pro. GRP immediately identified him and brought him to camps and spent hours talking with various Offensive coordinators about his abilities. All he needed was an extra year in the U.S. and his hard work paid off. Congrats Tevaun!
Posted on 2012-02-01
GRP's original prospect signs with Penn State today!
Congrats goes out to Akeel Lynch on signing with the Nittany Lions today. As GRP's first prospect, he excelled under the guidance of GRP's Godfrey Lewis. Akeel attended many GRP events including combines and NCAA camp trips. Check him out at our first combine below. Years of proper guidance, hard work, and sacrifice has led Akeel to Penn State. We are proud of you! In his senior year, Lynch ran 213 times for 2131 yards and 25 touchdowns. That's OVER 10 yards per carry and more than two touchdowns per game. Additionally, Lynch is a sprinter for the high school track team, and has been clocked at 10.6 on the 100-yard dash.
Posted on 2012-02-01
A GRP Introduction: How to use our website.
This video will tell you a little about GRP and who we are as well as assist you in utilizing our site to benefit you in your quest to achieve an athletic scholarship in Canada or the United States.
Posted on 2011-11-01
Our next combine is.....
Our next combine is coming in the next few months. We will be running a combine prep day for a minimal cost. Learn how to improve your 40, vert, shuttle, and broad jump for next to nothing! Stay tuned for the end of August.... See our first combine video to see how we do it... (Note Akeel lynch, and Eli Ankou were there to be identified before they had any offers)
Posted on 2011-06-28
Coming soon.